Project Reviewers – Open Call

We’re looking for four creative people to work with us on the Dyffryn Dyfodol project. We’d like you to dive into what we’ve done, explore how we’ve done it, and share an honest review of what you find.

We’re not defining how or what to share with us as part of this process, that’s up to you. The review can be a completely creative response, verbal, performance etc, or a document of the work.  The response can be in Welsh, English or BSL – or bi- or tri-lingual.

What we’re looking for
Four creative people who are interested in exploring creative, community and environment based projects.

We’re looking for people who enjoy:

  • Reading – because of all the info we’ve written down
  • Researching – because you can’t read everything, you can explore the parts you find interesting
  • Analysing – consider, think about and analyse what you find
  • Questioning – asking questions to interrogate and investigate
  • Sharing – we want you to share what you think, with us and the rest of the world

This is our proposed schedule for the work. You’ll see there’s flexibility with delivery once the creative people have been selected.

  • 15 January – deadline to apply
  • 22 January – let people know who’s been selected
  • 4 March – deadline to deliver the  work

What we’re offering

  • Fee – we will pay you a fee of £1000. This is based on £250/day for 4 days work. We can pay part of the fee up front if that helps with your cash flow.
  • Flexibility – we’re flexible with delivery timescales – let us know if the proposed deadline above works for you and we can agree if it needs to change.
  • Support – we want to support you as part of the process. Let us know what you think would help you and we’ll do what we can to support you.
  • Information – you will have access to everything to do with the project, including collected data, planning documents, partnership agreements, reflections from others, photos, what we hoped to do and what we did, research, videos, audio recordings and much more. There are 24 main strands to the project, some are large, some are small, you will have access to all the information, as well as our time to discuss things with you.

This information is in digital form and you will need access to a computer in order to access google docs, Miro boards, videos etc.

Who can apply?
Creative people.  We’re not looking specifically for any particular experience or skills, but you should be interested in questioning, challenging and researching or you won’t enjoy the process. 

Not all the project information is available bilingually, we operate internally through the medium of Welsh, so some information is only available in Welsh. It will be beneficial if you are able to read and speak Welsh.

We’re looking for people who have or want a connection with the project area i.e. the Conwy Valley. All the work will be done remotely, so no travel needed to the project area of rural county Conwy.

This opportunity is open to anyone 18 years old or over.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from creatives who are Welsh speaking and/or identify as: disabled or Deaf; LGBQTIA+;  UK African, Asian, Caribbean or ethnically diverse.

How to apply
Email us explaining why you’re interested in this opportunity and why you’re well suited to this kind of work. The purpose of this email is to share with us your ability to do the work outlined in this brief. You can share this in writing, video or audio, whichever you prefer. Max length of writing one side A4, video or audio max 4 minutes.

You don’t need to complete an application form or prepare a CV for us.

If we receive more applications than we have roles available, selected applications will be drawn at random.

Send your proposal to

If you want to have a conversation with us about the role before you submit your proposal, we’re happy to do so, just contact Iwan on the above email address and we can arrange a phone or zoom conversation.

What is Dyffryn Dyfodol? 
Dyffryn Dyfodol (translates to ‘future valley’) is a project exploring different ways of doing things with partnerships, creative people and communities.

We have been collaborating in the focus area of the river Conwy catchment area looking at ways to share decision making, how to learn and share making positive change happen. By bringing people together for creative activities, we have explored futures we want to see without knowing what the answers are – finding out together is what the project is about.

Short video sharing some thoughts about the project here

Who’s doing this? 
Dyffryn Dyfodol is a partnership between Ffiwsar, a creative production organisation based in Llanrwst, Natural Resources Wales and Cartrefi Conwy, an independent not for profit Registered Social Landlord.

The project in its current form runs until March 2024 and is part funded by Arts Council for Wales.