Field Notes for Creative Friends

What is it and how did it come about?

As part of the Dyffryn Dyfodol research process I was seeking to gently embed myself into a community to explore and encourage creative activity.
I lived many miles away from the community I was working with and initially found it difficult to quickly build deep relationships and join in on existing projects as my contact time with the community was restricted. Rather than this becoming a limiting factor, recognising what the nature of my contact with the community was led to a change in what i thought my role should be; if I couldn’t have a constant presence I could instead gently support, inspire and instigate small creative acts, essentially becoming a creative friend to the community.
The learnings from my experience coupled with the shared learnings from the Dyffryn Dyfodol group of creatives helped me compile this open ended workbook as a guide for anyone wishing to lead a creative community project.

– Emrys Plant, Editor

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