About us

We like being creative and bringing things into existence that did not exist previously.

Ffiwsar is a made up word. The ‘ffiws’ part is the Welsh word for fuse, and in Welsh adding an ‘-ar’ to the end of a word changes the meaning to an adjective such as turning build into builder. 

We like fusing things together, partners to bring expertise or knowledge, creatives to dream and make together, participants to input, audiences to experience and cats to stroke.  

We only work on projects we love, some of which we devise, others we don’t devise but are a key part to the creative process with our clients and creative teams. If you fancy a chat about working with us to realise an idea, get in touch, there’s a chance we could work together.

The company is led by creative producer Iwan Glyn Williams who has over twenty years’ experience in the arts and culture sector including event management, production, project management and consultancy in multiple and combined artforms, in Wales, the UK and internationally.

We work with a wide range of lovely and friendly creative collaborators on a project specific basis.

As well as working on creating exciting projects, we like cats, and we also like bulbs, here are some we are fond of.