Yn Y Golau

Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence (VDKL) production of a project initially concieved as part of Pontio’s Synthesis programme bringing together scientists and artists in 2016, when VDKL worked in collaboration with Photonics scientist Ray Davies of the Photonics Academy of Wales Bangor (PAWB).

Following a development period of the performance, we were planning a theatres tour of Wales in 2021, but due to Covid, our plans had to change. The exciting thing is that we are now working with brilliant film-maker and sound artist to create a film of the project, due for release in 2021.

Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence

VDKL Yn Y Golau blog here

Choreographer: Kate Lawrence
Dancers: Angharad Jones, Lisa Spaull
Costumes: Ceri Angharad Rimmer
Props: Femke Van Gent
Script: Cordelia Molloy
Photonics scientist: Ray Davies
Rigger: Simon Edwards
Photos: Kate Lawrence, production, Iwan Williams